Photographs are memories you can share.

Memories are precious and my photographs preserve memories. The sweet innocence of childhood, the loving loyalty of our four-legged friends and special family moments are all things you want to nurture and cherish in your mind. My pictures will help you to share those moments with others or simply provide a wonderful way of transporting yourself back when you want to remember them all to yourself.

Hi, I’m Jenni. I don’t help you to make memories, I just help you to hold onto them forever. Artfully framed and crafted onto canvas to hang on the wall; perfectly presented portraits to decorate the mantle-shelf or precious moments mounted in an album to tell a story.

On a Sunday you’ll find me walking, with my camera, along the River Bollin. I like to take pictures which I can look at another time. With my eyes I can see from these pictures things like a sunny day, small trees bending slightly in the wind, the birds in the branches but, in my mind, the photograph takes me back so I can almost feel the warm kiss of the Sun, the gentle touch of the breeze and hear the sweet notes of the birds’ song.

People, pets and places change but great photographs let us go back and relive all those wonderful moments. “That was you when you were six,” said my friend’s Mother, showing a picture to her daughter. “You were always smiling with that big gap in your teeth for all to see.” She’s older now, grown up and the gap is gone but, the minute she saw that picture, the smile – a great big beaming smile – was back and, for the briefest of moments, her Mother had both her little girl and her grown-up daughter. I was lucky to be there to see it and, with my photography, you can share your precious memories too.